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About us

Founded in 1932, Interpharma Praha, a.s. (IPP) offers a broad range of research, development and contract manufacturing services focused on the areas of X-ray contrast media, active pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients. IPP can support or lead your process development, process optimization, or process scale-up initiatives, and if desired, can support your manufacturing requirements ranging from gram scale to multi-ton commercial production quantities.


In 2008 IPP became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japan’s Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company. Benefiting from their in-depth international pharmaceutical and regulatory experience, our senior management staff has successfully assembled a highly professional team and established a fully GMP-compliant manufacturing facility. This team of experienced professionals is dedicated to the development and manufacture of numerous APIs, intermediates, final products and innovative nutraceuticals.

What we offer

IPP targets three market segments in the global pharmaceutical industry:

  • Custom Contract Manufacturing Services: IPP can supply cGMP materials from the IND stage through clinical development, market launch and post-launch commercial requirements.
  • X-ray contrast media and general API manufacturing: IPP processes are guaranteed to be non-infringing, and products are supplied at competitive price levels.
  • Nutraceutical ingredients: IPP offers high quality ingredient for functional supplements.
  • Dermocosmetics: IPP offers the product through a unique mechanism of hair root protection.

Company History

Interpharma Praha, a.s.  (IPP)

was founded in 1932 as a pharmaceutical manufacturer. IPP survived the war and 40 years of communism. After 1989, IPP focused on the manufacture of X-ray contrast media and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for various therapeutic pharmaceutical products. In 2008 IPP became part the Otsuka group (Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd.), a Japanese global pharmaceutical and consumer products company. In conjunction with Otsuka, IPP participates in the development of new APIs and conducts extensive modernization of its existing manufacturing units with the goal of further growth and development.

  • 1932 Interpharma founded and pharmaceutical production commences
  • 1935 IPP moved to its current manufacturing facility in Modřany
  • 1939 Commenced production of insulin in cooperation with the company Baťa
  • 1946 – 1948 IPP was nationalized and became part of the national SPOFA (Association of Czech Pharmaceutical Companies) in 1948
  • 1958 – 1991 IPP became part of the state enterprise LECIVA and focused on the manufacture of drug substances and solid dosage form
  • 1932 – 1990 Interpharma Praha, a. s.
  • 1992 IPP was acquired by Prof. Milos Sovak New development and manufacturing programs are initiated
  • 1992 – 1994 GMP quality system established IPP becomes one of the first companies in the Czech Republic successfully audited by the US FDA
  • 1995 – 1999 Construction and reconstruction of production units, R&D and analytical laboratories Sales expanded to Western European, North American and Asian markets while maintaining domestic sales
  • 1996 Completed process development for Iohexol (X-ray contrast medium) and commenced commercial production IPP commenced production of an optically active intermediate for the innovative anti-HIV drug Nelfinavir
  • 1998 Commenced commercial production of its own original food supplements
  • 1991 – 2000 Interpharma Praha, a. s.
  • 2004 IPP enters the Japanese market with the X-ray contrast medium Iohexol
  • 2005 IPP finalized development and commenced commercial production of B10-borono-phenylalanin (BPA) drug substance used in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)
  • 2008 IPP became part of the Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd.
  • 2010 IPP commenced collaboration with the parent company Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. on the development of manufacturing processes for new active pharmaceutical ingredients Commenced development of its own finished drug products
  • 2010 – 2011 Construction of a new multipurpose API production unit Construction of a low-volume production unit for specialty products (1-Kilo Plant)
  • 2015 Approval of oral contrast medium “Oraltag” by US FDA
  • 2018 Initiation of collaboration with a South Korean innovative company Dawonmedax with B10-borono-phenylalanin (BPA)
  • 2011 - present Interpharma Praha, a. s.

Management Team

Management of Interpharma Praha, a.s.

Board of Directors

Ivan Hlaváček

Member of Board of Directors

Yosuke Maki

Member of Board of Directors

Interpharma Praha Senior Management Team

Yosuke Maki

Chief Executive Officer

Ivan Hlaváček

Chief Operating Officer

Supervisory Board

Hiroyuki Nagao

Member of Supervisory Board

Environmental Policy

The manufacturing site of Interpharma Praha, a.s. (IPP) is located in a residential area on the outskirts of Prague, therefore the company ensures controls are in place to minimize the influence of its manufacturing activities on the local environment. IPP continues to make significant investments in equipment and procedures to ensure no adverse impact on the environment or on the local community.


In the area of air quality Interpharma has achieved a substantial reduction in the emissions of air pollutants in recent years. A system to capture solid pollutants, hydrogen chloride and all volatile organic substances was installed. The most significant investment, and also the most important step to reduce emissions, was the construction of a catalytic oxidation unit. The capacity of this unit is 6500m3/h. It utilizes catalytic decomposition of volatile substances contained in the waste air produced by all manufacturing units on a platinum-palladium catalyst which resulted in a 90% reduction of the volatile organic substances emissions. Air emissions of Interpharma meet or exceed all local and national regulatory requirements.


The waste management in IPP is firmly established: all waste is separated and classified according to its kind and hazard class. Separated waste is handled by a specialized external company and is either recycled or disposed of according to all regulatory requirements.


Interpharma Praha constructed its own waste water treatment plant utilizing a common biological process. The sewage system was designed to separate and collect the industrial waste water, the sewage water and the rain water. The technology of the waste water treatment plant is designed to ensure full compliance, even during the maximum waste water outputs from the production plant (i.e. 20l/s, 900 m3/day, 250.000m3/year). The water protection policy is supported by the appropriate storage management of hazardous chemicals.


Finally, Interpharma is also focused on decreasing any potential environmental burden of chemical manufacturing by notable investments into environmentally-friendly technologies with lower pollutant emissions and lower production of solid and liquid wastes. This improvement has been evidenced by the results of environmental monitoring, as well as by the favorable results of the routine regulatory environmental audits.výsledky auditů z posledních let.

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