Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)

The principle of BNCT includes:

  1. Injecting the treated patient with 10B isotope compound (e. g. 10B-BPA), which accumulates in the tumor.
  2. Subjecting the patient´s tissue to a thermal neutron beam, which after collision with 10B atom produces radiation, that selectively eliminates the cancer cells, while sparing the normal tissue.
BNCT cell detail
BNCP cell effect


Potential use in non-surgery therapy of: malignant head/neck tumors, glioblastomas, melanomas, liver metastases, colon cancer, anaplastic astrocytoma


Clinical studies proceeding or already completed in: Japan, U. S. A. , Finland, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Argentina, Taiwan, China ( https: //clinicaltrials. gov )

cGMP BPA – commercial product of Interpharma Praha

One of the most extensively studied 10B carrier used by BNCT is 4-10B-Borono-L-Phenylalanine (BPA).

BPA molecule

10B enriched 4-Borono-L-Phenylalanine (CAS: 80994-59-8)

BPA is produced at IPP by its own novel effective process under cGMP with provided 3 years shelf-life.

In worldwide, more than 100 patients already treated by Interpharma’s BPA.

cGMP BSH – under development by Interpharma Praha

BSH is one of the only two 10B carriers used clinically today, besides BPA.


10B enriched sodium borocaptate - BSH, (CAS: 12448-24-7), disodium undecahydro-12-mercapto-10B12-dodecaborate



4-Borono-2-19F-fluoro-phenylalanine, racemic (19F-BPA)

Interpharma can provide lab scale amounts of a racemic, non-radioactive 19F-BPA, with a natural boron and a stable fluorine isotope (19F).

Custom synthesis of other 10B compounds

Thanks to over 18 years of experience with 10B enriched BPA, Interpharma Praha can offer custom synthesis of 10B enriched boronic compounds in small quantities and later also under cGMP in larger commercial quantities.


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