Top Three Reasons to Join Us

  • Innovation

Interpharma Praha, a.s. (IPP) is goal-oriented and values creativity. We practice and expect continuous improvement. We learn from our successes and from our failures, and we encourage and support new ideas.

  • Leadership

Our product portfolio focuses on innovation in new products, improved products and manufacturing expertise. We believe that by challenging current pharmaceutical industry practices and habits, we can create a prosperous pharmaceutical company of the future. With a new flexible business model, we are dedicated to enhance the quality of life of our patients and will deliver exceptional value to our partners.

  • Diversity

We are a proud member of the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company (OPC) global team. We learn from our global associates while nurturing our local values. We create a positive working environment by hiring innovative people who share our creative and competitive spirit, and who have a passion to excel.


Our Values 

Results are the driving force behind our activities and processes. Our passion is to ensure a successful long term relationship with our business and community partners.

  • Ethusiasm

We understand that creating new standards and aiming for perfection is not an easy path to follow. It requires an optimistic mindset and a significant level of energy, discipline and determination to overcome the various obstacles which will arise.

  • Partnership

We anticipate the future needs of our business and community partners, and we strive to create innovative ways to satisfy their requirements. Mutual respect and understanding are the keys to providing exceptional value to both our customers and our community partners.