About Us


Founded in 1932, Interpharma Praha, a.s. (IPP) offers a broad range of research, development and contract manufacturing services focused on the areas of X-ray contrast media, active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products, and nutraceuticals.  IPP can support or lead your process development, process optimization, or process scale-up initiatives, and if desired, can support your manufacturing requirements ranging from gram scale to multi-ton commercial production quantities.  Featuring an innovative staff with demonstrated expertise in product design, development, and market launch, IPP can be the key to rapid market introduction of your product.

In 2008 IPP became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company. Benefiting from their in-depth international pharmaceutical and regulatory experience, our senior management staff has successfully assembled a highly professional team and established a fully GMP-compliant manufacturing facility. This team of experienced professionals is dedicated to the development and manufacture of numerous APIs, intermediates, final products and innovative nutraceuticals. 

IPP targets two market segments in the global pharmaceutical industry:

  • Custom Contract Manufacturing Services: IPP can supply cGMP materials from the IND stage through clinical development, market launch and post-launch commercial requirements.
  • X-ray contrast media API manufacturing: IPP processes are guaranteed to be non-infringing, and products are supplied at competitive price levels.